Burning Man – City of Cyclists

Far out into the desert of Nevada during August/September, a city of cyclists transforms. The city is called Black Rock City where Burning Man is held. Black Rock City planners prioritize bicycles, by only allowing traffic on the streets to be for bike/pedestrian, with the exception of art cars that must go 5mph. The community also has a bike sharing system called the Yellow Bike Project (YBP). Members of the community created the project and it aims to help the mobility needs of the city. YBP paints yellow bicycles that were donated and leaves them unlocked throughout the city for anyone to borrow as they please. The YBP also helps the community with bicycle maintenance. The Burning Man cycling culture takes pride in accessorizing and bedazzling bicycles and events such as “deck out your bike” are held throughout the week. Ultimately, the bicycles at Burning Man are unique, flashy, furry, bright, and covered in dust… And the people on them are dressed for the party!

Burning Man 2012

The bicycle parking…

Check out this video that was featured on Amsterdamize from 2011 Burning Man